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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Latest CT Scan

 My latest CT scan was another good bad thing. Of the couple dozen cancer nodules in and around my lungs only the 6 largest are measured. One grew by 9mm, and the rest stayed the same. I've never had one grow 9mm in only 6 weeks. 

My 2-year old kidney stone is still there.

I still have moderate size right pleural effusion and right pleural metastasis.

The 2 incisional hernias remain the same.

The 3 degenerative back issues remain the same.

There were "enlargements to left axillary nodes likely secondary to recent moderna vaccination". Speaking of the vaccination. There are no efficacy statistics for people with cancer in their lungs who are on active chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Therefore I may or may not be immune - or anywhere from 0% to 95% immune. Only time will tell if cancer patients like me end up with covid and are hospitalized or die. The oncologists also said that if I do happen to get the virus "it will be a big deal", unlike with normal people who only have a slight case. So get your shots people. You never know who you might pass it on to, not knowing you have it. You could inadvertently kill me or someone you love. 

The worst part is that I live in pain every day to varying degrees. Some days I'm very functional, others I can barely get out of bed. It's also tough being alone all the time. My parents come over and help when they can, but they're 80 years old. My ultra-busy sister also brings a meal from time to time. A friend helps with the yard sometimes, but I like to reserve the riding mower for when I feel good. It's nice to be able to do at least one thing every now and then. 

Otherwise it's just me. Get up, try to make it through the day, go to bed. Eat store bought macaroni salad when I feel bad, maybe fry up a schnitzel if I feel good.

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