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Thursday, October 22, 2020



Small Shooter marbles. Most of them handmade. One is worn and deformed from my using it so much.

Antique Marbles

 The oldest marbles I have. I cannot remember where they came from or anything else about them.

Flint Shooters

 Handmade flint and chert marbles. Made in Celina, Tennessee for Rolley Hole players. I've seen them being made. I've played with them many times, mostly the dark one. They are small shooters, perfect for the hand. The championship Rolley Hole tournament is held at Standing Stone State Park every year. Most of the champion players are as old or older than me. The "junior" category is age 35 and below. I have never seen a kid in the game.

I used them some in regular schoolyard or ringer games with others using glass marbles, and the do fine. But someone with a strong shoot would break the glass marbles.
They usually sell for about $20 per marble.
The Kentucky Headhunters sang a song about Dumas Walker playing marbles in the area. Dumas Walker was a real person.
The not-so-real Charlie Brown won a marble championship at Standing Stone State Park in "He's a Bully, Charlie Brown" comic strip.

Crown Royal & Hand Blown Marbles

At some point in the past Crown Royal did some sort of promotion, I think in Canada, when they sold a small bottle of liquor in the bag and came with a plastic bag with marbles inside. Some of the marbles were different than the others and constituted prizes.
A couple of glass blowers got ahold of 13 of the marble bags and empty liquor bottle bags. They then took some marble-making glass rods from Germany and made 4 marbles for each set. Inside each marble design includes flecks of gold. Of course each marble is one of a kind. They put the whole package into a window box and sold them. I got one. It was a rather high price. Of course no one knows if the sack of unopened Crown Royal marbles have a winning marble in it or not.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

My bag of Marbles

 These are the marbles I carried around with me in a marble bag in case a game ever came up. I carried around about a half dozen small shooter marbles to make sure I always had one that could be identified as mine and not get confused with someone else's shooter on the yard. The smaller player marbles came and went as games were played, due to marbles generally being a "for keeps" game. (And no it's not cruel to keep kids' marbles you win, because marble players of all ages understand that rule.)

Some of my shooters were made by Vacor de Mexico, a major marble company in Mexico. Almost all the marbles they make are collectibles and have names. In there you will see a "Blue Jay" shooter and a "Bumblebee" sitting next to an "oily steely", and a "hot air balloon" in the top left.
I would purposefully let kids win my collectibles as well as have "trades", when we would bargain with each other on marble trades if we like one someone else has.

Fall Creek Falls Shooter Marbles

 In 2004 Hurricane Ivan hit land and came through Tennessee as a tropical storm. It rained 14 inches or more, if I remember right. I was working at Fall Creek Falls, which flooded. Cane Creek got so high and turbulent that the cascades almost completely disappeared because of the height of the water. The road going out the north entrance to the park near the Nature Center was flooded; and the bridge and road were flooded that bypasses the Village area to get from the North to South entrances.

I drove to the FCF main overlook and took this photo. The main falls on the left is the one that comes from Fall Creek Lake; normally a waterfall that we could control how much water was coming off of, depending on the weather, or sometimes state dignitaries visiting. On this day the dam was fully open and water was coming through the spillway too.
The waterfall to the right is Raccoon creek, normally a very small and tame fall or only a trickle.
I took this photo and sent it to a marble company in Virginia, who used it to make the picture on the shooter marbles and added "Fall Creek Falls State Park Tennessee". These were his prototypes. For years the marbles were sold by the Nature Center. I think we ordered several thousand.
The old man who made them used an old fashioned marble tumbler to make his marbles. I'm sure he has passed on by now.
I paid for and kept the prototypes.

My peewees


Monday, October 19, 2020

Cancer Update

 The doctor is monitoring my left leg for possible nerve problem. Could be caused by spine compressing on nerve or from cancer growing into my spine. I will have a CT scan soon, and then maybe a MRI to get a closer look.

I've been out of the wheelchair and off the walker for about a month. I'm also off the oxygen. Things are better now than they have been for since early spring.
I hope I'm not headed for another big deterioration issue again. I still can't get the energy to walk next door to see my sister, but I can walk around the yard a little (as long as I can keep my balance).

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Two Years Ago

 Some of the photos I sent to Mason Simpson in bootcamp 2 years ago to help cheer him up. Includes his writings on my signature quilt, among others, and some of my newest handmade boulder marbles. Some have flecks of gold and silver inside of them. Some made from German glass rods used to make marbles that were brought to the US after the war.