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Thursday, September 3, 2020

3rd Treatment Cycle at Sarah Cannon

I'm no longer in the clinical trial. The doctor said the negative side effects outweighed the positive ones. I will be going back to Tennessee Oncology in Murfreesboro to take Stivarga, the final option the doctors know to try on me.
There was some growth of my cancer, though not as much as each scan over the past 9 months. The doctor said it is not worth having a thoracentesis every week, having to be pushed around in a wheelchair and being on a walker just to walk around the house. I've not even been able to walk to my mailbox and am on oxygen. I am swollen from my waist down and cannot wear my shoes anymore. Fissures are developing on me from the rash side effect where clothes meet my body, around my waist and on the bridge of my nose from the cpap mask.
I don't know how the other subjects are doing in the experiment. When I started the doctor said they've been having some good results.
So here we are with my last resort and the doctor saying I have less than a year to live if we can't find something that works. "Quality of life" is the new focus in my treatment. 🔆

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