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Thursday, August 13, 2020

2020-08-13 Treatment Day

The doctor discussed with me the options of continuing in the study or leaving it. He related it to quality of life and was concerned about how bad off I was last treatment cycle. I told him I'd rather keep going until I get my next CT scan and then use that added information to help make the decision. He lowered my test drug dose from 50mg twice to 40mg twice a day and kept me on my fluid reduction medication. 

I don't go back to see them this treatment cycle, so have to keep aware of my situation and call them if things start to go downhill intolerably. 

It's hard to make decisions like this. As each time I leave a treatment mode, I have fewer and fewer options. I'm running out of them as is. Only one more I know of, and that's Stivarga. 😱

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Treatment Day at Sarah Cannon


  • I could barely walk and was using my walker.
  • Oxygen level was 78 when I arrived. They put me in a wheelchair and hooked me to an oxygen tank.
  • My blood pressure was high. The nurse said it was probably from my body having to work so hard.
  • Oxygen level went back up after being put on oxygen. But I still couldn't catch a breath.
  • They sent me for a CT scan. It showed fluid buildup around my right lung, not allowing it to expand to breathe.
  • I was scheduled to have the fluid removed the next day.

  • Fluid removal at hospital.
  • Going to be set up on oxygen for home and travel back and forth to treatment.