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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020-07-29 Treatment Day


  • Sunday 7/26 started breathing a little wheezy. Got somewhat worse on Monday.
    • April said start taking the pee medicine like I was before the dosage was cut down. Three of that one 20mg pill instead of two. And the 50mg instead of the 25mg of the other.
  • My lower back seems to hurt to the degree my wheezy breathing gets better or worse.
  • I went to dermatology today and they would not see me. The receptionist said that TennCare is my primary insurance (not Medicare), and that they do not accept TennCare. I told her that Sarah Cannon might be paying for it and would she call them. She said it was too hard to get through to them and I should get another dermatologist.
    • She will look for another dermatologist for me to go to.
  • Only take one test drug pill today and then keep taking them as normal.
  • She may change my schedule next week so that I can come and see the doctor while I'm there.

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