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Monday, December 16, 2019

Chemo Day and a Very Strange One

It's been a strange day all around. Stuck in the arm twice because a needle broke off in my arm the first time. Stuck in the port twice so I could wear an access home overnight for a portagram tomorrow (they needed an updated one less than six months old). An unexpected Christmas stocking from a group of cancer survivors passing them out to all the chemo patients. 
Then I'm watching the tv about a tornado warning in Winchester. I look at the radar on my computer and see that a big ole tornado sticker is pasted right on top of the Midway ballfields, one minute from here. I ran to the back door and opened it. I heard rumbling. I new I had no time to leave or do anything. Lightening everywhere. Lights blinking on and off. Phone ringing from Rebecca (who saw it on her radar and was trying to warn me). Then it all calmed down and passed over to Sparta. It never did show up on tv.

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