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Monday, June 17, 2019

Infusion #6

I guess I'm in the routine rut again. It's always the same ole' thing now. Drive to Murfreesboro every other week, see the doctor, have chemo, eat at Chuy's and come home. Oh and pick up a change of meds on the way home every now and then. Then there's the chemo stink as it comes out of my body a couple of days later. ha.

This time

  • I have a fissure on my chest from a rash sore that has busted open and is leaking. So I have to do wound care on it twice daily. 
  • My toes have Paronychia worse than my fingers. Thank God for Chacos.
  • My friend noticed the rash has concentrated around my spine, so I'm doing Zantac and Zyrtic to help with that.
  • I'll be wearing contacts more so the bridge of my nose can heal.
  • My thyroid medicine will be increased again.
  • My eyebrows will do whatever it is they want to do.

Lunch was good.

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