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Friday, November 16, 2018

Cycle 2 of Clinical Trials

Cycle 2 was a little smoother than cycle 1. My portagram showed that my port works fine, so they can use it from now on.

I'm finally learning the routine around the place. I enter the main lobby and sign in. Then get called in to weigh and have vitals. Then sit on a couch in the hallway. After that I get called in for the blood draw and possible EKG tests. At this point I get my port accessed and the blood it taken from that. YES! Then I go to a patient lounge, where I wait on the blood tests to be done. Later a nurse comes in to talk about the blood test results and gather information about any side effects or other concerns. After that I can wait in a larger patient lounge for the drug to be readied. When all is ready I go to the infusion room for the big guns.

Still not many patients there. They said that Friday is the slowest day, with hardly any infusion. There was only one other person there this time. Plus a couple of other people in the lounges. I made some popcorn while I waited for the infusion. The lounge is made for comfort, with plenty of drinks and snacks. There are also recliners to sit in.

I got to work in a trip to the museum at the Parthanon this time. It was a nice, relaxing evening the night before treatment with my friend Jeff, who accompanied me.