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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New Treatment Plan

The latest CT scan showed growth on all my cancer nodules. This is a first. The doctor thinks they have become immune to the chemo I've been on for so long. We've been running through the various treatments, so the options list is getting smaller.

I went to Sarah Cannon Research Institute and spoke with the doctors in the Drug Development Unit. I am a candidate for one of the studies going on there. I will be among the first humans to take 2 test drugs together. They don't have names, just numbers. My understanding is that 50 people have already taken the drug to find tolerance levels. I will be in the next group to see how the body deals with it and if there is any effect from it, as well as symptoms.  It comes with lots of blood draws and scans.

It will be grueling and harsh and will require many long trips to Nashville. I think it comes along with all the usual side effects I've had with the others: diarrhea, nail problems, hair loss, fatigue, etc., etc., etc. There may be other added problems such as acne, rashes and peeling skin. Uhm.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship 2018

Just got back from Rolley Hole National Championship. I scored two brand new handmade flint marbles! I also saw my old buddy Travis, who was a ranger with me at Fall Creek Falls.