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Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 2017

I had an episode for a week earlier this month. It felt a lot like the way I felt in 2012 just before my tumor was discovered. I went for a UTI test and prostate exam. That turned out okay. Then my surgeon had a CT scan done, which also turned out fine. Both she and my oncologist looked at it. My blood tests are also okay. So whatever it was, it lasted 8 days and then slowly went away.

My files have been sent to a pulmonologist in Centennial Medical Center in Nashville. She will look at them and then set a consultation with me to discuss a possible Electromagnetic Guided Bronchoscopy. He hopes that will give us answers to exactly what those lung nodules are.

Another visit from Jeff turned out well. He helped to get a lot of chores taken care of and managed a great campfire in the rain too. It was nice to break in the new fire ring in a big way.

Cher's Fire Ring / Future Flower Bed