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Monday, July 6, 2015

Chemotherapy is Working!

My Mother & I at Smithville Jamboree
It's chemotherapy week again. I got my Avastin today at the hospital and am staying the night. Tomorrow I get the rest of the chemo drugs and go home with the pump hooked to my "heart plug" (port). The port reminds me of the heart plug that Sting had in the movie Dune.

The good news is that my CT scan indicated that some of the 24 tumors are shrinking! This is great news. Things are moving in the right direction. It's going to be a long hard road ahead, though, with side effects getting worse and irreversible neuropathy.

Everything else is routine: Pump & Crash week, then slowly coming alive again, and 4 good days just before it all starts over again. I'm getting used to it. During the crash I keep my mind on the good days that follow. It's like the ancient warriors who fight an exhausting battle, then have a quarantine period to recover before returning to normal life; then doing it all over again for the next battle. Eventually those battles work to win the war. And thanks to the gift of Netflix from Jeff, I have expanded entertainment options during the crash. On there I can watch any Star Trek I want over and over.

Well, that's the good news for the day!